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Battle Creek Sanitarium Annex

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dc.coverage.temporal Battle Creek. Michigan, circa ??? en_US
dc.identifier.other LPC-006-017-001 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.willardlibrary.org/xmlui/handle/123456789/9210
dc.description Reply card showing color photo of the building constructed as Phelps Medical and Surgical Sanatorium in 1899 on N. Washington Avenue by Neil and Oscar Phelps. Later the building became the Macfadden Health Home Sanatorium (1907-09), the headquarters of C. W. Post's Trades and Workers Association, and finally it was bought by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, operating as the Battle Creek Sanitarium Annex before becoming the main Sanitarium facility in 1942. Caption on front: Annex building Battle Creek Sanitarium Caption on back: Did you select your food with care today - or did you thoughtlessly eat the things that were placed before you? It pays to eat wisely. The body is a machine - it requires certain food elements - it demands definite quantities and qualities Proper nutrition is the vital thing, for only under favorable conditions can the body its best work. Your mental and physical efficiency-no matter how high-can be greatly heightened if all of the functions of the body are made to work in perfect harmony. At Battle creek your bill-of-fare is planned in advance of each meal by expert dietitions-your menu is mapped out to suit your special needs and varied from day to day to meet your current requirements. In connection with the prescribed diet, other effective means are used with good results. The daily physical culture classes under expert direction, th outdoor life, baths and treatments prescribed daily by physicians who acquaint themsleves thoroughly with your needs, health lectures and classes-these and other unique features insure the greatest possible results in the shortest possible time. The natural results of good digestion and "right living" are sound, natural sleep, clear tissue, pure blood, increased efficience of mind and body, a sense of bourancy and zest that makes life worth living. At Battle Creek you get into the spirit instantly; you shake off old handicaps; you soon learn the great advantage of living each day for health, efficiency and the substantial enjoyment of life. An interesting booklet, "Eating for Efficiency," tells how to build great physical and mental power. It will be sent free. Mail the card today--now. [includes drawing of a book in hand with the title "Eating for Efficiency" and The card brings this free book.] en_US
dc.format.extent 300 dpi tif.; xxx KB en_US
dc.format.medium reply card en_US
dc.language.iso En en_US
dc.subject Phelps Medical and Surgical Sanatorium en_US
dc.subject Bernarr Macfadden Health Home en_US
dc.subject National Trades and Workers Association en_US
dc.subject B.C Sanitarium Annex en_US
dc.title Battle Creek Sanitarium Annex en_US
dc.type Image en_US

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